Story Rings are Walker Goldsmiths’ Newest Custom Ring Adventure

Photo of Our Story Wedding Ring

Our Story Wedding Ring

As the main wax carver, Janet Walker, I’m having a very fun time here at Walker Goldsmiths creating a Custom “Our Story” Wedding Ring.  What’s that? Well, it’s my name for a Custom Ring with carvings of a scene that represents a person’s life. For example; a sweet lady contacted me to make a ring for her fiancé that represents the life that they spend together and intend to continue.  They are sports minded and love to spend their time in the great outdoors.  Sun, surf, snow, mountains, lakes and the sea are all very important to their well-being. So this “Story Ring” has carvings of these scenes all around the ring.

These Story Rings are very specific to the customer and I have a set of questions that help folks figure out how to go about it.

 Steps to take for a Story Ring…..,.

(1)    You find out your ring sizes and decide what width of rings you’ll be comfortable with in millimeters.

(2)     You decide if you want any stones in the rings and we talk about that.

(3)     We talk about YOUR STORY and what metal you want these rings made in; gold (what color), silver or combinations of metals.

(4)     All along this path we can give you a general idea of $ involved.

(5)     I draw up a visual flat design and you approve or we talk about what changes you want.

(6)     I carve a wax of your design and photo it for your approval and at this point you’ll know exactly the cost of the rings, also if you’d like I can photograph and email the progress of your rings with us.

(7)     And at this “approval of wax” point we will need 50% of total.

Final payment due when rings are finished and we mail them to you or whatever arrangements you wish to make.
We want to help you have a good experience specific to you!

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  1. Rebecca Bobb says:

    My husband became very interested in a story ring during a trip to New Mexico. I would like to have one made for him. Can you please get in touch with me about some information? The ones he liked had a band around the middle that moved. Is this something you can do?

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