Sterling Silver Thunderbird Tag

What is a Thunderbird? A Thunderbird is a huge bird of power and strength, capable of creating storms and thunder as it flaps its wings. Lightening even flashes from its eyes when it blinks! It is typically depicted as larger than Eagle and with two curling horns protruding from its head and sometimes with teeth. Thunderbird is the stuff of legends most commonly told by indigenous cultures all over North America but particularly on the NW coast.

Photo of Sterling Silver Thunderbird Tag

Sterling Silver Thunderbird Tag

Some people telling the stories of Thunderbird insist that it is a species of giant bird that is very intelligent, powerful, and wrathful. All cultures seem to agree that none should get Thunderbirds angry! They reside in the tops of the tallest mountains in huge nests and fling lightening snakes during storms. The NW coast peoples say they feed their babies whales, and of course they shape shift to preserve their identity.

There are many wonderful tales in the legends of Thunderbird. They are an explanation of the wild and violent energies in nature like those found in violent thunderstorms. No one takes them captive and they create their own destiny. Thunderbird is one of the highest ranking creatures usually seen on a crest of a powerful Chief. So with all that super power the Thunderbird makes for a wonderful emblem and symbol for various sports teams, Air Force flying squadrons and family crests. The question is; are you secretly a Thunderbird?

These Tags are 2 inches in length and 1 inch wide Sterling Silver. Tags come with a strong 24″ .8MM nickel plated steel bead chain.  Personal engraving can be done on the back for a small fee.

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