Raven and the Orb of Light

Photo of Sterling Silver Tag called Raven and the Orb of Light

Raven and the Orb of Light

This hand engraved tag featuring Raven and the Orb of Light is one of the new hand engraved tags carved in Sterling Silver at Walker Goldsmiths. I’ve been learning and working at hand engraving with the assistance of Owen Walker, Master Engraver, for over a year. This tag is one in a line of 10 northwest motifs I have created.

The Raven is mythically regarded as a trickster and an assistant to the Creator. He brought light to the skies and found humans in a clam shell, bringing salmon and teaching them to fish and hunt. Although he helped humans he often likes to create just as much mischief for them.

Personal engraving can be done on the back for an extra charge. The Tag comes with a strong 24″ .8mm Nickel plated bead chain. These Tags are 2 inches long and 1 inch wide Sterling Silver. Tags come with a strong 24″ .8MM nickel plated steel bead chain.

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