Printmaking Limited Edition Alaska


This was a busier summer than usual in Haines Alaska. Prints for Allie High, Preston Singletary and Jeff Skaflestad took up most of the seven weeks I was there. In all ten editions were printed so I made about 1200 prints this season.

The weather was cooperating though as it was cold and rainy most of the time with an occasional beautiful day.

There was a record snowfall last winter so all the plants were about a month late. This brought a lot of bears to town since there weren’t many blueberries in the mountains.

We saw lots of eagles, ravens, bears and whales but even though they walked right through the middle of town we didn’t see any moose.

The last three days I was there were really beautiful. I was able to go fishing with my son Mel and he caught a 17 lb. King salmon. And our last day we had a great kayak trip on Lynn Canal.

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