Marta Kubiak in Helsinki

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Marta & Agata at Kuvataideakatemia

At the end of March I was in Helsinki with Professor Pawel Frackiewicz and Assistant Professor Agata Gertchen. We were there as a delegation from the Eugeniusz Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw. We’ve been in Helsinki to see Kuvataideakatemia, but most of all printmaking studio and its structure. We also wanted to present our Academy and encourage students to visit our school under Erasmus program. We have an agreement with this school, but it’s hard to get there. I think that it’s because of the education level and the fact that they don’t have so many students. But I hope we showed them, that the Academy in Wroclaw is also a great place for studying.

Of course, the most interesting thing for us was the printmaking studio, which contains big room for lithography, woodcut and metal techniques. In the separate rooms they have place for making aquatint, acid room and one with old offset machine (but it’s still working). For me the best place was the serigraph studio. They have separate place for cleaning, for exposing and one where you can print. It’s not so big and almost the same as we have. We were there only for few days, so we didn’t have any workshops. Each of us prepared a presentation about school, our department and printmaking studios.

The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts has great facilities for studying. I think that if I was a student I could spend there most of the time. Studios, equipment and big spaces for students where they can work (even at night) – everything has great quality. Maybe in the future there’ll be an opportunity to go there once again and make some prints.

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  1. Janet Walker says:

    Marta, Did you get any “hands – on” experience? What did you think of their opportunities for artists?

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