Looking for Crazy Horse – Custom Feather Pendant

Photo of Kate's Custom Feather Pendant

Kate’s Custom Feather Pendant

At Walker Goldsmiths we’ve been making a Fantastic Custom Feather Pendant for a lovely lady who’s been looking for Crazy Horse! She had a collection of jewelry and stones that she wanted used in a pendant. The stones and gold were originally her mothers and she wasn’t wearing them as they were, so we collected them from her and started designing something more to her taste and experience. Often jewelry we receive or inherit just doesn’t fit our tastes, so we recommend that new designs specifically be made for YOU using the stones and original gold or silver in designs to your liking and personality.

Feather Designed and Carved in Wax

Feather Designed and Carved in Wax

We encourage our friends to choose a meaningful experience or personal attribute from which we can start designing. Kate had written to me; “We stayed at a little cabin across from the old parade grounds (at Fort Robinson, NE) and the adjutant’s quarters where Crazy Horse was killed in the 1870′s. The first night of our visit around dusk, an eagle flew and dipped down in front of us (about 10 feet away) as we sat on the porch.  Whew!  Then as it got darker, we heard two owls talking with one another across the parade ground, one which flew over to the tree in front of us and sang for us.  I’m sure you know about these birds’ symbols; strange about the owl though, it generally represents death, but is also associated with souls of the departed.  Maybe Crazy Horse was speaking to us?  Next morning Mike started writing a song; he says songs always pass by and you have to catch them.”

We love that we can take old keepsakes and meaningful experiences and “RECYCLE” them into heirlooms of today for our customers.  See more about Kate’s Fantastic Custom Feather Pendant project on Walker Goldsmiths’ pages.

The song Mike Adams wrote to commemorate their experience…

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