Chris Nowicki Serigraphs

John Hagan, Raven Tribal House Front

John Hagan, Raven Tribal House Front

Artist and printmaker Chris Nowicki travels from his home in Wroclaw Poland each summer to create limited edition serigraphs for Northwest Coast Style artists in Alaska and Canada. He has been making the same trip for about 25 years to hand-cut and hand-print Northwest Coast Style designs for his artist clients and friends. The fine serigraphs are printed on-site at Alaska Indian Arts in Haines AK, a location that is common to many of the artists.

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  1. Chris has been a major resource for the graphic artists in SOUTHEAST ALASKA. He has been doing the best serigraphs in the Alaska Native Art market. Prints are a nice way to generate revenue while finding time to do one of a kind and larger projects. All Hail To Chris!

  2. Janet Walker says:

    Chris’ Serigraph technique is absolutely excellent! He is the top man in the field. Rock on, Chris!

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