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Janet Walker

Janet Walker, wife of Owen Walker, mother of four children and Gramma Janet to six grandchildren is also a talented goldsmith and artist.

Janet and Owen, owners of Walker Goldsmiths have been creating jewelry as art since 1972. Walkers are known for their Northwest Coast style designs which decorate their hand-crafted jewelry. Some of Janet’s jewelry-art includes trade beads and other decorative collectibles; some of which were prized by natives of that early period.

Over the years I’ve made hundreds of trade-bead jewelry pieces and traded, collected and learned so much about the history of trade-beads and the people who made them. One of my latest joys is to make trade bead bracelets with a varied collection of other colorful antique beads. These bracelets express the past stories of the Great Northwest. No two beads are the same because each of these beads is individually handmade in one way or another. These bracelets have a soul. They are colorful, full of history and exceptionally fun to learn about and wear!

Please contact me about jewelry recycling. We will recycle your old jewelry into new jewelry as art for that very special occasion.


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Janet Walker Designer & Writer

by: C Kelly Nowicki

I have known Janet Walker a long time but I am still amazed by her beautiful custom designs for jewelry she creates. Each design is cultivated by interviewing a client about their own jewelry ideas then created in her own rendition with pencil and paper. After being approved it is then carved in 3D wax to create a mold for silver or gold casting. Aside from all of the other technical work involved in whole amazing process, she still takes time to write about it. Janet has a way with words that is entertaining and informative, and like her jewelry art, has the ‘Janet’ touch. Thank you Janet!

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