Chris Nowicki ~ Artist, Printmaker, Professor

Professor Printmaking, University Fine Arts, Wroclaw Poland

Wiping A Mezzotint Plate

Born in Toledo, Ohio U.S.A. Studied at the Toledo Museum of Art School of Design and the University of Toledo receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, then studied at the University of Washington, Seattle, receiving a Master of Fine Arts Degree.

For the last 25 years Chris has been living in Poland and teaching at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Art and Design. Chris Nowicki is currently Professor of Printmaking, Academy of Fine Art, Wroclaw, Poland, and is Head of the Serigraph Studio there.


Printmaking, Serigraph, Mezzotint


Drawing, Painting, Hand-cut Silkscreen Prints, Teaching Art


Professor Printmaking, Polish Printmaking Exhibition Curator, Limited Edition NW Coast Prints, World Travel


NW Coast Native Art, Classic Motorcycles

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