C. Kelly Nowicki ~ Graphics Designer, Photographer

Creative Website Design is more like Engineering than Art

C. Kelly Nowicki with Eagle Frog drum painting, Acrylic on Elk Hide

I have worked mostly with electronics and computers as a programmer and graphics designer. I also like to build things and take them apart.

I love seeing and doing art and photography. Painting is my favorite art activity and pastel is my fave. I like the bright colors.

I also like architectural and electronic drawing. That’s how I got into computer graphics. It’s great to draw over large areas where every minor detail is important. I like looking at cut-a-way illustrations and maps.

I have been working as a graphics artist and designing websites for 20 years. Websites now-a-days can have a lot of programming. I also build servers to host my websites and perform all tasks in between. Doing everything myself takes a lot of organization, something I had to learn.

I take a lot of notes. Someone said my notes look a like flow-charts mixed with electrical drawings.

I work on-line at home so please contact me by email through the form on this page, thank you.


Painting, Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Drawing


Photography, Graphics Design


Website Design 25 years, Graphics Design, Silkscreen Printing


NW Coast Style Art, Online Business Networking, Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles, Science

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