Kate’s Fantastic Custom Feather Pendant

Kate’s original idea was to set the smaller diamonds in the lightening bolt made of sterling silver. I decided that the oxidizing of sterling over time would detract from the flash of the diamonds in the lightening bolt so Owen rolled a section of 14kt white gold and welded it to the yellow gold feather to create the lightening bolt and set the 7 small diamonds. Now there will not be a problem of the lightening bolt on Kate’s Fantastic Feather Pendant loosing any of its sparks!

Kate had a collection of beautiful small sapphires that we set down the spine of the feather. The bright blue sapphires are a beautiful complement to the 14kt yellow gold feather. Owen set Kate’s beautiful large diamond that was her mother’s in a tube setting nuzzled into the feather fronds and made the bale for a chain in 14kt yellow gold. The whole pendant is only 2 ¾” inches in length. A lot of the gold in this pendant was recycled from 2 rings of her mother’s along with the sapphires and diamonds.

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