Owen Walker was introduced to North West Coast Indian Art as a high school student in Alaska. The spirit and strength of the animal images and the stories they told rattled his ancestral Indian bones. His Shinnecock and Cherokee ancestors, plus years living in Alaska pulled him irresistibly to the style and techniques of the North West Coast. His artistic soul had found a home.

After graduating High School in Palmer, ALASKA, four years of studying North West Coast Archaeology and Anthropology at Western Washington University served to sharpen his desire to produce fine North West Coast Art. Studying Prehistoric American Metalsmithing techniques piqued his desire to try his hand. It fit very well. He started in 1970 with simple silver jewelry and is now a master goldsmith, having trained several apprentices. With his wife Janet, a graphics designer trained at the University of Washington, and goldsmith apprenticed with husband Owen, together they are Walker Goldsmiths. Working in their own studio they have raised four really fine children. They bring many years of experience in design and manufacture of all types of jewelry.

About Owen Walker